Mini Basket Pin Cushion

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano©2001


6 - 1/2" x 1/2" wooden spools

6" piece 18g. floral wire

2" mini basket

5" circle fabric, color and print of your choice


Needle and sturdy thread

Craft glue

Assorted colors acrylic paint OR embroidery floss


  1. Gently bend wire to form curved handle; set aside.
  2. If basket has a handle, you can thread the spools onto it, or cut it off and use the wire instead.
  3. Sew a gathering stitch around edge of fabric circle.
  4. Stuff tightly with Fiberfill as you pull threads to gather into a ball. Tie off securely. Trim thread ends.
  5. Glue fabric ball, gathered side down, into basket.
  6. Paint center section of spools as desired OR wrap with floss and glue ends to secure.
  7. Thread spools onto wire leaving approximately 1" on each end free.
  8. Bend wire to slightly tuck into last spool, forming a loop.
  9. Glue handle to inside edge of basket.


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