Clay Pot Bell

from week ending 9/12/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano 1999



4" clay pot

1 1/2" clay pot

2 feet thick cording, color of your choice

Aleene's All Purpose Primer

Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylics in Ivory, Hunter Green, Holiday Green, TrueYellow

Aleene's Clear Gloss Varnish

Permanent pen in brown

Sea wool sponge

Miracle Sponge

Round tooth picks

Flat paint brush


  1. Apply a coat of primer to all surfaces; let dry.
  2. Apply two coats Ivory to large pot; let dry between coats.
  3. Apply two coats Hunter Green to small pot; let dry between coats.
  4. Sponge Hunter Green to rim of large pot; let dry.
  5. With pen, draw vine in to large pot as desired.
  6. Cut small (1/2" - 3/4") leaf shape from miracle sponge. Dip in water to expand; squeeze out well.
  7. Sponge leaf shapes onto vine as desired; let dry.
  8. With pen, outline leaves as desired.
  9. Add flowers to vine and rim as follows: Dip end of tooth pick into True Yellow paint and dot in desired location. With point of pick, pull paint from center, out to make petals.
  10. Once all paint is dry, apply Clear Gloss Varnish; let dry completely.
  11. Tie a double knot in one end of cording. Thread through hole in small pot.
  12. Determine desired length by holding next to larger pot. Tie a double knot at desired location. Thread cording through hole on larger pot, and tie into a loop on the end for hanging.


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