Polymer Clay Treasure Box

from week ending 8/30/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano 1999

This is a great little box to give a small gift in. It's a great project to use up those tiny bits and pieces of Polymer Clay.


Paper Mache' box, size & shape of your choice (I used a square 1 3/8" box)

1/2 brick Sculpy II clay, color of your choice

Scraps of Sculpy II, colors of your choice (I used all pearl colors in this project, for their sparkly appearance)

Aleene's Premium Coat Acrylic Paint in black

Flat paint brush


Aluminum Foil

Exacto knife


  1. Lay aluminum foil on work surface.
  2. Place top on box. With pencil, very lightly draw along the lower edge of top. Remove top, set aside.
  3. Roll 1/2 brick of clay to 1/8" thickness. trim one edge straight. Place edge of clay along pencil line on box. Wrap clay around box to meet ends. Smooth ends together with fingers. Trim along pencil line with exacto.
  4. Fold clay to underside of box. Press smooth, trim excess if needed.
  5. Re roll excess clay as in step 1. Press onto box top, smoothing joints with fingers. Trim along bottom edge with exacto.
  6. To make same design as photo: Roll green clay into a very thin "snake" shape. Lay on box in desired vine pattern. Press into clay.
  7. For leaves adn flower petals: Pinch off a very small ball of clay. Roll into a tear drop shape and press into place. Press a very small round bead into the center of each flower.
  8. Place box and top, upside down, on a square of aluminum foil. Place foil on cookie sheet and bake in a 265 oven for 30 minutes. Let cool completely before handling.
  9. Sign and date the bottom!!!
  10. Paint inside of box and top, and outside top edge of box (above pencil line, where no clay was placed) black. Let dry completely.

There! Wasn't that easy?! What a great way to give a small gift. Just think, no wrapping paper needed!!!


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