Barrette Holder

from week ending 9/13/98

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano

I had very long hair a couple years ago. As people with long hair can attest, I found I had an ever increasing collection of bows, clips and barrettes. I wanted a way to keep them organized and easily in reach. I came up with this simple holder, and made it out of fabric that matched my bedroom set. You could make this barrette holder out of Grosgrain ribbon, and instead of a bow at the top, you could fashion a rosette. The instructions for making the tassle are at the bottom of the page. It's very simple, and only takes one hank of embroidery floss!


1/8 yard of 45" wide fabric, solid or print of your choice

Thread to match, if sewing

Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue, if gluing

1 hank embroidery floss, color to match fabric


1 thumb tack


  1. Press fabric. Measure 36" from one selvedge and cut. Set aside smaller piece.

  2. On larger piece, fold in and press 1/4" down 1 long edge.

  3. Fold opposite long edge to center. Press.

  4. Fold pre-pressed edge to overlap center by 1/4". Press and stitch, or glue in place. Set aside.

  5. With smaller piece, cut 1 1/2" off of one short edge. Set aside.

  6. On larger piece, fold to wrong side 1/8" all around edge. Press well. Stitch or glue in place.

  7. On smaller piece, fold each long edge to the center. Press.

  8. Lay larger piece, right side up, on work surface. With fingers, gather from the center of one long edge to the other.

  9. Wrap long piece around center of bow and stitch or glue in the back. Trim off any excess fabric.

  10. Attach bow to one end of long strip with stitching or glue.

  11. On other end of strip, fold corners to back and attach. This will leave a pointed end.

  12. Attach tassle to point.

  13. Push thumb tack through fabric under bow. Use this to attach to the wall.

To Make a Tassle:

  1. Remove paper collars from floss hank.

  2. Unwind three lengths of floss and cut. Cut this piece in half.

  3. Cut the loops of the hank open.

  4. Lay one single strand of floss horizontally on work surface.

  5. Lay floss hank over floss piece vertically.

  6. Bring up ends of single piece and tie around hank tightly. Double knot. This will become the hanger of the tassle.

  7. Grasp two tails in one hand. With the other hand, fold floss and smooth away from tied end.

  8. Lay remaining single piece of floss on work surface as in step 4.

  9. Lay tassle on floss horizontally, about 1/2" from tied end. Bring up ends and tie tightly. Double knot.

  10. Smooth thread ends to blend in with tassle ends.

  11. Trim ends even with scissors.


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