Bandana Picture Frame

from week ending 6/6/99

Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano 1999

This frame is very easy to make, and can be changed to suit any decor by simply choosing different fabrics.


Scrap of Foam Core Board 6" x 8"

2 scraps tag board, each 6" x 8"

1/4 yd. bandana print fabric

1/4 yard chambray or light weight denim fabric

1/4 yd. Aleene's Ultra Hold Fusible Web


Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1/8" hole punch

Picture hanging wire





  1. On foam core board, measure and mark 1" in from all edges. Cut away center to make a frame.

  2. On one piece of tag board, cut an oval shape from the center to make a mat board.

  3. Fuse web to wrong side of chambray fabric.

  4. Cut fabric as follows: 1 piece 6" x 8" ; 1 piece 7" x 9" ; 1 piece 5 3/4" x 7 3/4". Remove paper backing form these pieces.

  5. Lightly fuse 6x8 piece of fabric to mat board (the one with the oval cut out).

  6. Carefully cut thin wedge shaped slits in center of oval. Turn piece over and pull wedges to back; fuse in place. Set aside.

  7. Center remaining tag board piece on larger remaining fabric; fuse. This is the back of your frame. Turn piece fabric side down.

  8. Fold corners to miter; fuse. Fold long edges in and press carefully with fingers; fuse.

  9. Center remaining fabric over "wrong" side of piece. Fuse in place.

  10. Hole punch on each long side, 1/2" in, and 1" down from top. Punch again 1/4" below each hole.

  11. Cut a piece of picture wire about 10". Thread wire through holes on one side and twist to secure.

  12. Repeat on other side, pulling unitl wire is snug across the back; twist to secure. Trim excess wire and discard.

  13. Apply a thin bead of glue to the long sides and bottom of back piece. Lay mat over and match edges. Press to spread glue, and hold until set.

  14. Cut bandana fabric into three 3" wide strips.

  15. Press long edges to center on wrong side.

  16. Roll and form a small section of Fiberfill into a snake shape, approximately 1" in diameter, and the length of one side of frame piece.

  17. Apply glue to area and press Fiberfill in place. Repeat with remaining three sides.

  18. On back of frame piece, apply glue to one corner.

  19. Place the end of one strip of fabric on glue; hold until set.

  20. Diagonally wrap fabric strip around frame, tucking in Fiberfill, and overlapping strip by about 1/3. Secure end to back of frame with glue.

  21. Repeat all around frame until completely covered, securing end of strip with glue on the back side. Cut off excess fabric strip.

  22. With remianing cut strip, tie a bow. Glue bow to frame, in desired location. (Optional).

  23. Apply a bead of glue to the back side of frame. Center over mat/back section and press until glue is set.

  24. Insert photo at top and adjust for position.


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