15 Minute Garden Angel

Design and Instructions by Valerie Souza


1 garden glove

1 ceramic angel (this one came from the Dollar Store)

Small amount of fiberfill

Small wooden heart


Decorative flowers.


1. Stuff all five fingers of glove with fiberfill.
2. Lightly stuff the palm.
3. With the palm of the glove facing you, fold out the thumb and fold up the glove cuff at the seam.
4. Take the thumb and wrap it over the cuff seam horizontally.
5. Stitch the tip of the thumb on the outer seam of the glove.
6. Put glue into the cuff and stuff the cuff about 2/3 full with fibrefil.
7. Glue the angel to the fibrefil.
8. Take the excelsior and roll it loosely into a ball. Flatten it and stretch it out, leaving a hole in the center.
9. Place over the angel and on top of the fiberfill. Glue in place.
10. Glue the back of the angel where it hits the fingers.
11. Finish by decorating the wooden heart to say, "Garden Angel". Glue flowers into the excelsior.

It can stand up by itself or glue onto a wooden base.


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